Atia’s Sign

Atia’s Sign

In ancient Rome, this was the insignia worn by Atia, who was the niece of Julius Caesar and mother of Augustus making her a matriarch for a long line of powerful Roman Emperors.

Atia was a powerful figure in Ancient Rome and renowned for her extraordinary beauty. She was also respected for her charming manner as well as her cleverness, which allowed her to emerge victorious in almost every aspect of her life.

Legend has it that the person who possesses Atia’s magic amulet sign will be blessed with her unique ability to turn dreams into reality. Like Atia, you could have the power for your dreams to come true.

Should you come into possession of Atia’s sign, it is said that:

  • Your opinion will be sought after by others.
  • Your intuition will be razor sharp and will rarely mislead you.
  • Correct decisions in business and financial matters will come surprisingly easy to you.
  • For no apparent reason, your opposition will seem to melt away.
  • Obstacles will easily be traversed.
  • You will exhibit an allure that will be irresistible to the one you adore.
This solid sterling silver magic amulet piece is highly polished and will attract compliments whenever you wear it. A beautiful silver chain is included.

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